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Introducing Alvelac, uniquely designed socket preservation the natural way

Alvelac plays a critical role in maintaining patients’ facial aesthetics. With insufficient bone quantity and quality, dental prosthesis will not have solid foundation to firmly anchor on. This would lead to poorly fitted dental prosthesis and patients eventually losing their confidence to smile again. Why let patients lose a great asset after an extraction? Let Alvelac preserve your patients’ jaw bone and restore their beautiful smile. Alvelac is backed by FDA 510K, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

  • Uniquely designed with rigid structure and predefined macro channels and micro porosity that facilitate maximum blood clot in the socket while providing good support for the socket walls.
  • Being porous, it has maximum surface to hold and support the socket blood clot.
  • Its rigidity gives it the ability to support the socket walls and protect the blood clot inside the socket.
  • Rigid platform for preparing the patient for future tooth restoration.
  • Made of synthetic FDA approved polymers. It eliminates concerns of cross contamination and designed for ease of use.

Alvelac is a porous PLGA (poly lactic co glycolic acid) scaffold produced using a proprietary and patented technology. PLGA, a non-toxic, bio-compatible and biodegradable polymer, is FDA approved. The scaffold is designed with macro channels and micro-pores. The osteoblast will reproduce on the scaffold. Differentiation will take place subsequently, forming the required bone as the scaffold degrades. It breaks down into lactic acid and glycolic acid, which are metabolised in the body and excreted as carbon dioxide and water. This process typically occurs over a time frame of two to six months.

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