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Osstell ISQ - the objective way to measure implant stability.


Osstell - comfortable, fast and easy to use

1. The SmartPeg is attached to the implant
2. The hand-held probe stimulates it magnetically
3. The displayed ISQ value reflects the degree of stability. The scale ranges from 1 to 100, the higher the ISQ, the more stable the implant.

Implant stability is measured by using the instrument together with the wireless SmartPeg attached to an implant or abutment. The technique is contactless, totally non-invasive and patients experience no sensation from the measurement, which takes 1-2 seconds. Stability is displayed as an ISQ-value by the instrument. This value (Implant Stability Quotient) is derived from the resonance frequency of the peg, which in turn depends on the stability of the implant.

If the bone is non-homogenous, the SmartPeg automatically vibrates in two modes - indicating the highest and the lowest stability directions. The instrument therefore provides a correct value for the highest as well as the lowest stabillity of the implant. To make sure to measure both values, the probe should be held perpendicular to the jaw line for one measurement, and in line with the jaw line for the other measurement. The two ISQ’s represent these values. If the instrument finds them both at the same time, and they differ more than 3 ISQ units, they are presented on the display together.

Measurement directions:

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